Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am a 58 Year Old Man

I believe in manners, good manners.  I send thank you notes, and I make sure each one has a personal message so the person knows I took the time to actually think about my thanks.  I even had my 4 year old participate in writing the thank you notes for his birthday gifts, and he signed each note.  I am not rude, and I do not talk down to folks, even when my job would involve being someone's superior.  I may be opinionated, and often completely disagree with folks, but I do value their opinion and do not treat them badly because we view things differently.  I am on time.  I do not arrive super early, putting a host in the weird position of entertaining guests while she or he is still preparing for a party.  I always RSVP. 

My sister loaned a book to me written by Tim Gunn.  As I am reading this book, it is becoming clear to me that I am a 58 year old man. 

I find there is a sharp drop off in these modern times in thank you note giving.  Only about 25% of the folks I invite to any gathering actually RSVP.  I have also learned that just because someone doesn't RSVP, it does not mean they won't be coming.  (I even circle the RSVP section on invitations, this does not make a difference.)  And it seems as though way too many people enjoy being cruel to other folks and speaking down to them for reasons that are less than obvious.  Maybe they find it entertaining?  I also see people be downright belligerent to people they don't agree with, who may have a different lifestyle, or maybe they just think they are less of a human being than themselves and deserve to be treated poorly.  I won't pretend to know why these folks act that way.

Not Tim Gunn!  Tim Gunn and I are way too alike.  I guess I'm just behind the times, an old soul, even a man.  He knows the art of respectfully disagreeing, of being polite, of gratitude.  I must point out that I have never seen the show he is on.  My sister LOVES that show.  Since I've been reading this book, I wonder if she tunes in mostly to see him.  He is witty and kind.  He will call you out, but his intentions are not wicked. 

So there you have it.  To my friends who think I'm too fussy and too old fashioned, just know that I'm really a 58 year old man.  And, since that man is Tim Gunn, that explains my love of clothes.


  1. yes that is the main reason I keep returning to the program.. You're welcome!! oh and, Make it work!

  2. Ack! Make it work! One more thing we have in common!

  3. I had to laugh. My Mom has told many people that if anyone can "make it work" it's me. Maybe I learned it from my high school art teacher who always told me that it was alright to break the rules of the project as long as you "make it work". A fine tradition I think!

    I admire anyone who can conduct themselves with the appearance of confidence in most situations. Being observant and mannerly help a great deal to achieve this.

  4. If you're not confident and you need help, then people will also be more likely to help you. People don't really go out of their way to step up and help someone who has a bad attitude or is impolite. Being polite costs nothing, but being rude can cost you everything.