Thursday, September 8, 2011

Overheard Round These Parts

Just a few conversations, or snippets of, from around our home today:

Between me and my oldest son:

Me: Why are you only wearing one sock?

Son: Cause this is my peg leg!

Of course.  How silly of me.

Between me and my oldest son, again:

Me: Can you hear your teacher when she's talking to the class?

Son:  Yes.  Well, sometimes no.  I was at the back table and she was in the front talking.  I could not hear what she was saying then.  The boy next to me leaned over and said "What did she say?", and so I said "fishing rods."

 Between my husband and I:

Him: $$$ at Ralph Lauren?!  For three shirts?!  That's ridiculous!

Me: No, not three shirts!  Don't be crazy.

Him: You said they were $14 a piece.

Me: No, I said the one he begged for was only $14, so I let him get it.

Him: How much were the other 2?

Me: There were more than 3 shirts!  He got 4 shirts, and the baby got a monogrammed onesie polo and some pants.

Him: So you got 4 shirts and a baby outfit for $$$?!

Me: Do you expect me to have itemized list of the shit I buy stored in my brain for weeks in case you  quiz me about it later?  I can't remember every little thing.  I do a lot of shit. 

Him: Well do less expensive shit.

Between the baby and I:

Me: Do you want some more peas?

Baby: Yes!

I know it's not funny, but it's the first time he's clearly said "Yes", so Huzzah!  

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