Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a weekend, and it's only Saturday night!

Let's start with the good... My older son, being his usual, silly self:

My husband and son come home from the grocery store, and I see a small bag of steamed shrimp...

Me: Oooh, shrimp?
Husband: They're for him.
Son: Yeah, they are for me!  Dad said I could get my cookie if I was good at the store, and I said "But I want shrimp!".  Daddy said "Okay, be a good boy, and you can have shrimp!"

Only my kid would pass on the cookie and make a special request for seafood.  *shaking my head*

We'll move along to the bad and the ugly... Sick baby!

The baby woke up in the middle of the night at 4AM Friday morning.  He was just chattering with himself off and on, dozing until I woke him for good at 7:45, which is late for him.  Immediately I knew something was wrong because he was bright red, and he had a severe, violent shiver going.  I picked him up, and, sure enough, he was on fire.  I took his temp, and it was 101.3.  I nursed him, and checked it again to see if it was just a hot sleep (I knew better, but I was really hoping it would magically be getting better), and it was 102.3.  So I started with the Tylenol, and he refused all food except 3 animal cookies, but I got him to drink a lot of cold juice.  He was sad, and tired.  The Tylenol would only bring the fever down into the 100.3-101 zone.  At the 4 hour mark... it shot up to 103.6, and that's when I called the doc for an appt.  I mean, Friday, I'd rather check his ears than run the risk of a painful ear infection over the weekend.  With no other symptoms, I was sure it was his ears.  Nope, his ears were clear.  Strep was negative.  We were unsure of what was going on, but the doc said there were a few things going around, just keep an eye on him.  If he becomes lethargic call back... well overnight his fever dropped to a low grade fever.  Today he was still very fussy and cranky, not himself.  His appetite is still hit or miss.  However, one little piece of information had been missing until about half an hour ago.  He was exposed to chicken pox!  He does have 2 small spots on him, but they may or may not be the pox.  He still has no other symptoms.  He's only 11 months old, so he's not been vaccinated.  The time frame of exposure matches exactly.  So, it's looking like chicken pox.  I am not sure if he'll just have those 2, or if it will break out tomorrow or Monday, which usually the pox don't show up until 2-3 days after the fever.  So, we'll see, but it's likely. 

My oldest has had 2 of his vaccinations, so he's almost 100% covered.  Hopefully he will not get it, because that would mean missing school, and this week is his first full week!  Last week they only went for 1 hour for 4 days.  I'd hate for that to be interrupted. 

We are crossing our fingers, and readying the oatmeal. 

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