Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Naughty snacks?

A conversation that was a little too fun today...

Me: I want to try the new Ben & Jerry's ice cream, but I hear it's only in select stores.  I'm trying to hunt it down, but I just can't bring myself to call around asking "Excuse me, do you have Schweddy Balls?"  That just seems inappropriate.

C: Coming from someone who stocks Ben & Jerry's almost daily, new flavors of anything take forever to trickle down to the stores.  We don't have it yet but my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor is Clusterfluff.

V: New York Super Chunk Fudge or Cherry Garcia!

Me: I have never tried Clusterfluff!  I'll try that after I get my hands on some Schweddy Balls.  OMG I am SLAYING it!  LOL

I should have asked C when he thought Schweddy Balls would trickle down to his store.  Oh this is just the gift that keeps on giving!