Monday, September 26, 2011

Return of the salesman who cannot take a hint... or a clear verbal warning... or a written warning...

If you can believe it, that crazy Xfinity salesman returned to our house yesterday.  He did not ring the doorbell, but he left sales paraphernalia on our door.  Well, sir, I may have been a bit of a bitch to deal with, but now you've scheduled yourself a conference from my husband who has even LESS patience for that kind of BS.  Now, we both know and understand that everyone needs to be able to make a living, and that is fine.  We put up our sign to politely let people know we didn't want to be bothered in our home.  When people ignore and disrespect that, then we get pissed.  And 3 times!  Three!  I was not unclear when speaking to this man. 

My husband called him first thing this morning, and told him not to come to the house again or he'd be calling the regional manager instead of the guy himself next time.  He tried to give the same "You already have our internet!" excuse and tried to continue with his sales pitch.  My husband cut him off, and schooled him in taking a hint, or, in this case, clear verbal and written requests to leave us alone.  People are unbelievable. 

Husband: Now I worry about you guys while I'm at work, and what this idiot might do.

Me: No worries.  I'm the girl with the hammer in her underwear drawer, and a borderline unhealthy love of shiv-making and shanking.  And have you forgotten my trusty cast iron skillet?  I'm like "give me a reason Bert*", just in cuter shoes.

Husband: I forgot who I was talking to.

*see Saturday Night Live weekend update with Seth Meyers.


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