Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Row Row Row Your House...

Holy flooding, Batman!  This rain is relentless.  Our yard, from about 15 feet behind our house going forward to the front curb, is largely under water.  My oldest son told me, a few weeks ago, that his playhouse was a pirate ship.  He must be clairvoyant.  I'm sure that playset and playhouse will be a mess once the flooding subsides and the mud gets tracked all over it.  Sliding down a muddy slide, perhaps a little boy's dream, but not a Momma's dream!  Oh the messy clothing horror!

The worst thing about this rain is it's keeping us captive in our home.  My kids need to get outside and play!  We watched a movie yesterday, and since we usually have a no TV rule, this was a real treat.  It helped distract from the "in prison" aspect of the day.  I'm thinking another movie for tomorrow if we're still stuck in here.  We'll see.  We've recorded so many movies he hasn't seen yet thanks to not letting him watch tv, so there is a lot of fun, fresh things to choose from.  It's really perfect for this situation.

Inspired by the wet situation outside I have created a new cocktail...

The Floody Mary

Take whatever beverage you may have left in your fridge (probably an old can of some soda you tried but hated, but you don't want to go to the market in this rain so you're stuck with it...).

Pour that beverage into a tall glass, about "yay" full (the actual measure of "yay" may vary depending on the individual consuming the beverage).

Fill the rest of the way with vodka.

Enjoy the rest of your rained in days.

You're welcome.

I'm ready for the rain to let up, now.  Let's get back to the pretty September weather, please!

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