Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not crazy, just normal-deficient

We were on a mission to find the new Ben & Jerry's "Schweddy Balls", and it's been hard to find, so we were traveling into the next state to get ice cream...

Son: Mommy, why are we going so far away to get ice cream.  

Husband: Because Mommy is eccentric.


On our ice cream hunt, we started calling places, and asking if they had the new Ben & Jerry's.  One lady pressed my husband for the name of the flavor, and he tried to go with "It's the SNL skit one.." and all but she didn't get it.  He finally told her so she hung up on him.  That's when we switched to me calling and asking.  I got all young ladies on the phone so they weren't upset, but once I did get a man.  This was our conversation...

Grocery Man: What flavor?

Me:  Don't laugh.  Schweddy Balls.

GM: *laughs*

Me: You laughed.

GM: I don't know if we have that, I'll be right back.  I'll go check.

Me: Thanks!

GM: *returns to the call*  I don't have Schweddy Balls, but I do have Clusterfluff.  You can have that.

Isn't it just like a man to offer to give you a fluff, when all you asked for was balls?  *smh*

I do promise to stop talking about this as soon as I get some, and get to write a review of the new flavor!  It's just the difficulty in finding it that is making it even more funny and more of an adventure.  It's becoming a fun event, not just a cold treat!  As I explained to my sister, it's like a search for the Holy Grail and we are really just exactly like saints.

Moving on...

My husband recently gave a speech at a huge techie conference.  (I wanted to call it a "nerd party", but that is probably not the proper term for it)  They put his speech up online, and he was listening to it the other day, and he, of course, was critiquing himself (nit picking over his delivery to the point of driving himself nuts).  So I heard him listening to a speech again, and wasn't really paying attention to anything other than a man was speaking....

Me: Are you watching your speech again?

Him: What?  No.  Do I have an Australian accent?

Me: I don't know what you did for that speech.  Maybe you came down with a case of "Mysterious, Sudden, Foreign Accent."  Maybe you're just like Madonna.  She has chronic MSFA.


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