Thursday, September 15, 2011

And We're Back!

This house is on the way to a full recovery!  My 4 year old returned to school today, and he was thrilled to be there.  They read stories, and he really loves the "Critter" stories.  He was telling me all about the "Critter" book they read today on our drive home.  Then, he asked me to take him to see the real "Critter".  We got into a conversation about fiction, and writing, creating, drawing, and making stories in your head that you put onto paper to share with others.  I told my son that even he could be an author.  I explained he could create a character that is a person or a different creature, and he could make stories up about this character.  Then we arrived home, and moved onto everything else we had to do. 

After dinner, my son presented me with a picture he drew of a creature.  Under the creature he had written it's name, "Ptnnoonnnopop".  Then he had an entire story for me to write down about this big fella.  He became a little author with the following story:


   Once upon a time, there was a Ptnnoonnnopop, but you can call him Iman for short.  Iman likes to eat hot dogs.  He likes to play a game called "Team Geo Trax", just like me.  He likes to play another game called "Puzzles".  One day, he watered his garden, but then there was a big hurricane and it made the food die.  Then, a strong wind blew his tomato plant away.  Then, a tomato came to his garden, cut a flower off, and blew that away, too!  Another day, a big giant monster came to his garden, and stomped on his cat nip.  The cat nip keeps the animals away so they do not eat Iman's food.  Then, a squirrel snuck in and ate one tiny tiny tiny strawberry.  Iman quietly snuck up on the squirrel, grabbed the strawberry, stomped on the ground, and ran away very fast so the squirrel could not eat it.  The end.

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