Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have your ice cream and laugh at it too. Also, pull the stick out of your butt.

Oh for Pete's sake, people are getting outraged over that Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls ice cream I was talking about yesterday. It's a joke! Yes, it's crass, but it's a friggin joke. Lighten up! I believe these people getting so worked up are just angry because they want to laugh at it but think they can't because it will make them seem like bad people. Well, life is short. Laugh it up! Who cares!? Crikey.
Look, little kids laugh endlessly over boogers and farts, and they are the happiest people on Earth. They aren't stressed out. They don't give a damn what anyone thinks about them. They just want to do their thing and have a good time... oh and dress like superheros. These uptight folks who worry so much about these harmless jokes seem like they are pretty angry folks. Maybe they should take a hint from a kindergarten class and try laughing a little.

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