Monday, October 21, 2013

My spirit animal is a clothes horse...

My friend, Amy, with whom I frequently discuss all things beautiful clothes, told me I should start sharing some of my fashion brain children (although, not in those particular, slightly bizarre words) on my blog.  Probably because our idea of a good time is going through clothes, pairing things up, giving each other heads up about killer sales, finding ways to incorporate sparkles... you get the picture.  So my husband (whom would probably rather me stay away from this topic, as it could trigger a shopping frenzy), was kind enough to snap some shots of me in the number one outfit I get stopped on the street about.  I do love this one, and it never fails to get some attention (whether I want it or not).  I have had women ask me about the blazer, the frilly blouse, the ring, the shoes, and the purse. From Battery Park to our local agricultural center, women dig this outfit. 

I would say it has always gotten rave reviews, but then there is my friend, David, whom asked if I skinned a zebra for the blazer.  (Thanks, buddy.)  So, what do you think?  I love it because it is not at all boring, it is very comfortable, and it is suitable for so many different events.  Also, just for my friend, Amy, it involves pairing up different patterns, which I like to do.  What fashion risks are you willing to take?  Which ones intimidate you?  I already mentioned I enjoy pushing the envelope with mixing patterns from time to time, but the thing that intimidates me are cap sleeves!  I think they are so hard to pull off.  Now it's your turn....  In the meantime, here's my never-fail conversation starter...

I get to put on pretty clothes, and my husband gets to try to be artsy with the camera.

These are some of my favorite shoes.  I love the red embellishment with a black and white outfit.


This ring is always fun.  I have worn it with my favorite graphic t-shirt, and my beloved LBD. 

I like to have fun with my clothes.  I don't want to give out my unsolicited advice, because I have very few set rules (note the "set" part, because I do have floating rules, for sure!) when it comes to what you wear, as long as it fits you & is clean & event appropriate, but I thought it would be fun to start a little fashion dialogue & see what us regular folks are doing with clothes, and not just what they are telling us we SHOULD do with our clothes in the magazines.  This may end in just Amy and I talking about clothes again, but that's okay, too!  :)


  1. Well, I would chime in here, but seeing as my daily wardrobe would probably set your eyes to twitching... I will just say that steel-toed shoes and hard-hats go best with jeans and long-sleeve polo shirts. ;)

  2. I love that whole outfit! Where'd you get the ring? It did rock with the graphic tee this morning too...I love versatility! I'm, me, Charming Charlies. And this ended just like you said it would.

  3. On a side note, though.... that outfit looks GREAT on you!! And I do LOVE your shoes. :)

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Melissa, I know you have a sweet handbag, and killer heels! Some people remember names or numbers, I remember accessories. :) And I used to live in scrubs, so I understand the work attire situation. :/

    Amy, thank you! I do need to go to Charming Charlies and replace that flower ring I broke years ago. :) See, we knew this would happen.

    The ring came from Kohls. It always gets compliments, and people often ask where I got it. It was very inexpensive costume jewelry, which is a fashion lesson for everyone. It doesn't need to break the bank to be fabulous!

    I should have also mentioned:

    The blazer is Black Rainn. Bon Ton.
    The shoes are another fantastic find from Kohls, and I get asked about them a lot.
    The purse is a new release from Michael Kors. It was my little treat from our last NYC trip. :) Bloomingdales

  5. Love the jacket and the red on the shoes is a great pop of colour. I'm pretty boring these days with clothing. My biggest criteria is how durable it is to live up to the puppy demands (lots of shedding and muddy paws, lol). Great outfit.

  6. Thank you! Yes, you do not want to wear something you do not mind getting snagged or muddy around a puppy! I learned that lesson the hard way, and I don't even have my own dog. :/

  7. Cute, cute! You honestly look both comfy and stylish :) Once in a blue moon, I have on an outfit I feel like might be photo worthy or whatever... and then I realize I'm no skinny mini like the actually fashionable gals are and everyone would just be better off if I kept my fashion moment to myself and the hubby! :P I love your photo with the shoes and bag- so fallish!

  8. I love this outfit! Your shoes are adorable!

  9. Sky, Thank you. :) It is very comfy, so that is probably another reason it works well. If you look uncomfortable, I think people notice and then they wouldn't even care how cute it is because that will ruin it. You know, you should NOT keep it to yourself! I used to have much more to love of myself, and it is not easy to A. Find great clothes in that case and B. Find other women rocking awesome outfits for inspiration. Everyone wants to cover you all the way up if you're not one of the "skinny mini" gals. I would have loved to have had some great examples to help me figure out how to dress and feel great about myself. I wasn't even so sure about sharing my outfits on here now, but my friend encouraged me to do it. And that finally gets some folks talking on here! haha

    Bethany Lee, thank you! They are a lot of fun, and you can go all day in them, so that's a nice bonus. :)