Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After a long hiatus...

Okay, so no one expected me to keep my mouth shut about this, I'm sure.  So don't act surprised.  I keep seeing this thing going around taking credit away from Obama for bin Laden's death.  Okay, yeah.  He didn't personally kill the guy, and we all know that.  HUGE congratulations and many thanks to the brave SEALS who carried out that mission per his command.  Let's not forget he is Commander-in-Chief.  He did have a part in it, and he had to make some tough decisions.  Part of being the president is you get part of the blame when things are going bad and you get part of the credit when things go right.  In the past more than 2 years I see a lot of people giving him Hell over every itty bitty thing.  Well, since we are now not allowing him to take any credit for our military's (of whom he is the big boss) success, I am about to explain to you what your logic then implies....

The logic behind this FB post about Obama - He did not PERSONALLY kill OBL, so this is not his victory or success, it's the country's success.

What this means - Stop calling it Obamacare.  He did not PERSONALLY write the healthcare overhaul, so it's not his healthcare legislation, it's the country's legislation.

Stop calling Afghanistan "Obama's War".  He didn't even start it, and he is not PERSONALLY there fighting.  It's the country's war.

Stop talking about the bailouts initiated before Obama took office as HIS bailouts.  He did not personally put them in place, so they are the country's bailouts.

Stop acting like the bad economy, which has, in fact, improved since he's been in office, is Obama's fault.  Does everyone have amnesia and forget that this all began well before he took office?  He did not PERSONALLY trash the economy, so it's the country's bad economy.

If all your interested in is being ignorant about someone all the time, then your reasons for doing so come into question.  No matter what he does, so many people want to be downright rude and disrespectful toward the man.  The same people who want to give him all the blame for things he does not single handedly control or even had a part in creating, they won't allow him to take any credit for a situation in which he actually was involved in and did give the command for.  Well, which is it?  He's either responsible for everything or nothing that he didn't personally carry out by his lonesome.  You can't pick and choose. 

Oh, and I see many of these same people raving about President Bush and his part in all of this, although he hasn't even been involved for YEARS!  And the years he was involved he did NOT GET THE JOB DONE.  Stop being such proud hypocrites.