Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knock knock jokes with a hint of penis....

Caution:  Could be considered vulgar, but important to the story, and over-all funny so had to keep the original joke intact.

My son loves jokes.  If he hears people laughing, he will crack up, too.  He so wants to be in on the joke.  He used to just blurt out things like "French fries!  Get it?!  A joke!" like some little mad-libs Tourette's patient who shouts out random nouns.  We thought it would be fun to teach him some knock knock jokes.  Some easy to learn, easy to repeat, good ol' fashioned knock knock jokes.  We started with the "Boo... Boo who?" joke, and moved onto "Olive... Olive who?... Olive YOU!"  He got so good at those, we decided it was time to add to his repertoire. 

We added "Dwayne... Dwayne who?... Dwayne the bathtub, I'm dwowning.", and "Yodle-ay-hee... Yodle-ay-hee who?", and the good old Banana one that goes on forever until you say orange.  All great.  All perfect.  He was becoming a regular comedian.  I told him he should tell some to his friends at school.  I gave him one more... "Knock knock?"  "Who's there?"  "Cock-a-doodle." "Cock-a-doodle who?"  hee hee "Cock-a-doodle whooooooo!"  He roared with laughter, and then did the joke back to me.  Everything was fun, innocent, happy times.  Until about 5 minutes later.

My husband sat down at the table with us for lunch, and my son comes out with this little exchange

Him Knock knock.

Me Who's there?

Him Cock.

Me *not sure where to go from here...* Cock who?

Him Just cock.

At this point, my husband nearly falls out of his chair, and slithers away with his lunch to his office in our basement.  He won't make eye contact with either of us.  He just leaves me there.  At least he didn't follow it up with a "That's what she said" or something else that would've really made me fall apart.  But I held back the urge to laugh at this major faux pas.  Part of the reason I stayed so together was the fear creeping in.  The fear that my kid was going to take my advice to share his jokes with his class, and go straight for the cock joke.  

I thought for a second, then repeated the joke and said "Was that what you were trying to say?  You missed the best part, the 'a-doodle-who!'"  He went right back to his blurting out random things and yelling "Get it?!  A joke!", and seemed to forget about the new, lewd, knock knock joke.  I'm sure it'll all come back to him during school when they ask for the news of the day.  He'll come out with "Mommy told me a joke...."   Ugh, I'm already dying of mortification.

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