Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cats, if only there was some way to lift them...

The family has been keeping me rather busy lately, and with that comes a giggle or two.  Since you're so nice, I'll share some with you...

Oh, my sister...  Well, see for yourself...

Sis: uh it's so cold in here but the cat is laying on my lap. i wanna turn up the heat so bad!

Me (and anyone who knows the approximate size of a cat): Wow, it's a total bummer that a cat isn't something you can just pick up and move. You're totally screwed.

Sis: I know, right!  Will you come turn up the heat?

Me: You'll probably just have to freeze, and then he'll start eating your face.
        I can't come do that, I have a blanket on me.   

Sis: Crap, we're both screwed.

My husband and I talking about never really knowing what others may actually think about you...

Me: They probably think I act like such a princess.

Husband: Well, honey, you do, but the good kind that helps other people and gets dressed by little cartoon birds.

Me: Like Kate Middleton!

Husband: Sure, you're exactly like her.  *wearing his lying face*

And the baby takes advantage of me trying to carefully step over a gate while holding him...

Baby: *sees I am looking at the gate and not him, so helps himself to the Starbucks in my hand, sipping some Pumpkin Spice Latte out of the lid*

Me: *catches him* HEY!

Baby: YUM!!

That might have something to do with him throwing his food at me, instead of going with his usual "all done", and then later climbing into the fireplace.  Although, he has always loved that fireplace, and often tries to climb into it.  Perhaps he was Santa in another life. 


  1. you may want to start specifying that there isn't a fire in the fireplace and rarely ever is... it just sounds odd "baby climbing into the fireplace"... TT

  2. Good point! Yes, no fires when the baby is loose in the living room. :) And, we do have 2 screens and I have a barricade in front of it, he just gets around that. We will be installing glass doors (the previous owners had them removed, it appears... odd.)