Thursday, November 24, 2011

The trouble with not hosting Thanksgiving? No leftovers!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing holiday!  We had a wonderful day, and we were lucky to spend it with family.  Every day I am thankful for my fabulous family, and having everything we need.  They say the secret to success is realizing you already have it all... well I am well aware of that!  My two beautiful boys, my hardworking, loving husband, my mom, and sister, are so great that I can't help but know how spoiled I am to have them all.  I'm also thankful for such great friends.  (Especially those of you who humor me and read this, and, in the ultimate gesture of kindness, pass it along to others to read)  It has been an amazing year, and I sincerely wish everyone the same happiness in their life that I have in mine.

Okay, so that was enough serious mushy business... I have a party to go to in January, so I am frantically trying to shed those last few baby pounds.  Those stubborn ones, that are clinging to me for dear life.  I hate them.  In my disappointment with the slow pace at which they are coming off, I realize I'm fighting an uphill battle thanks to some saboteurs.  Between my husband bringing me the chocolate candy bars from Germany that I so love, real non-diet soda, and pies!!, and then Starbucks and their sinful PSLs, and my sweet Grandparents telling me I look nearly malnourished (WHAT?!  haha), the world wants me to plump up, apparently!  I wish I could see what they see, but instead I see my pre-pregnancy jeans sitting there, staring me down, mocking me, and a little black dress I need to look good in soon.  So, black Friday elliptical machine deal, here we come!  I noticed the one I like has a water bottle holder, but I wonder if it has a Christmas cookie holder? I mean, it has a calorie counter, so as long as I know how many calories are in each cookie, I just have to stay on the elliptical until it says I've burned off that many or more, right?  So, it's only logical to assume that is the healthier way to snack.  Cause, we can all admit, no one is skipping the cookies this year.  If anyone tells you they are, they are a lying and probably ate the whole batch... in bed.

Happy Black Friday!  :)

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