Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ask and you shall receive... unless it's from a jackass security guard not doing his job...

Yesterday, my sister pointed out that Tim Gunn would be at a (kinda not really) local mall.  I immediately said we should go!  (If you will, refer to my previous blog post I am a 58 year old man . )  The event was a Lucky Brand fashion show, and Tim Gunn was co-host.  There also was a Q&A session, and it was followed by an after party, where your ticket was your receipt for a $100 dollar purchase (or greater) from the store.  In the "party" you'd meet Tim, he'd sign a personalized autograph for you in his book, you'd get the book, a picture with him, champagne, food... etc...  So, we showed up the moment the mall opened, and we were the 3rd little "couple" in line.  We made our purchase, and when they opened the seating area, we sat 2nd row, directly up at the front part of the stage.  We had fantastic seats.  (Front row was reserved for employees and VIPs (mostly people who helped with the show).  Waiting didn't suck, we had fun people around us, and we just went with the flow.  The show was fun.  Tim was great.  We got lots of helpful fashion advice.  The Q&A was also fun.  I admit, I do not watch his show.  I read his book and became a fan of the man himself, as a human being, not whoever everyone sees on tv.  It's like a good movie based on a book, read the book first!  That's where the good stuff is. 

Well, we thought we were set, we arrived early, had great seats... then after the show they wanted to tear down the seats and set up some tables and it was just a huge crowd of total chaos.  Where they originally told us to go, well that wasn't right, then they herded us somewhere else, and somewhere else again, put up ropes, moved those a million times, then started at the front of the line, and asked people to back up.  Hey, genius, back up where?  Start at the back of the friggin line where people actually have a place to back up to!  I can't back up into another human being... it's not physically possible.  I am NOT the only person, apparently, who pointed this out to him.  Everyone was agitated, and upset over losing their spot or how folks who just got there were in the front somehow, and we had been there for hours along with a bunch of other people.  It was a mad house.

Finally, there was at least some organization developing.  Then some ignorant woman keeps trying to sweet talk people into letting her teenage daughter cut in line.  People keep turning her down, and then I took a moment to tell her how ignorant and rude she was, (she had been harassing the young woman in front of me for quite some time, trying to shove her daughter in front of her)  we had all been waiting.  Get to the back of the line.  So, everyone notices her sweet talking some security guard, who lets her kid in.  So I spoke to him, trying to get him to make her leave, he said "I saw nothing!" in the most smart-assed tone with the matching smirk.  I did notice, after I spoke to Tim Gunn's assistant, who happened to be coming around, and I pointed out that Tim would NOT have that since he's all about good manners... that security guard was taken off "line duty".  He saw nothing.  Wonder if he saw his job the next morning?  Tim should add that rule to his book "Don't further piss off a hot, thirsty, tired, mob of folks who have already been jerked around enough."

Luckily, all that didn't matter as we got close to the stage again, this time to meet Tim.  He was kind, gracious, and friendly.  Exactly who you would expect him to be after reading his book (or watching him on the show).  He said in his book that he doesn't just critique people's outfits, unless they ask.  He also says he can't lie.  So, I thought I could use my moment with him to get some good, quality honest feedback from someone who knows fashion.  I asked him what he had to tell me about my fashion choices for the day.  After saying "What?  You?!" like he was surprised I was even worried about it "You look fabulous!  You're beautiful, I love this little bit of sparkle, the fit, and the proportion of your outfit!  You're fabulous."  So, me and my big fat head left with a big fat smile on my face.

It was a fun adventure with my sister.  We had a good time, we made it through the hours of standing in an angry mob, and we got some fantastic pictures.  I don't often post pictures on here, as this is (mostly, save for a few of you) anonymous blog, but this time I'll break the rules. 

Here we are, just after our professional picture...

And here we are chatting as he signs my copy of his book.

Class act, that man.  Class act.

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