Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rigging up these lights!

The outside of our house looks pretty freaking awesome... but it took, literally, blood, sweat, and tears.  I put up most of the lights, and we have some sharp bushes that left prickly things in my gloves, and then just cut through my skin when I finally ditched the gloves.  I have small cuts all over my hands and arms.  But, the bushes looked great!  I put them up, as you remember, before Thanksgiving.  The weather was great.  I tested the lights before putting them up, and I checked them out twice to see how they looked.  They day after Thanksgiving, we went live, and already one of the bushes had a section of lights out.  Brand new lights.  I had to put in a replacement bulb, one that came with the set, and that bulb (and all the others that came with it) will not light properly, but at least that section is fully lit again. 

So, every bush that could be lit is lit, but we realized our garage looked dark and sad.  We decided to put icicle lights on the peaked roof above the garage.  My husband was reluctant to do it, but he agreed it would look nice, so up he went... and down he slid... and slid again... and again... nearly falling off the roof a handful of times.  It was so frightening.  We do have a very steep roof right there, and I think mixed with nerves due to the height, it was just not going to work out.  We agreed on the spot... no icicle lights... ever.  We got some rope lights, instead, to frame the garage.  I put up my wreath above the garage, and got a new bow for it... I tested the lights, strung them up, tested them again, went in to get back to work on the interior decorations.  Right before dinner, we took the kids outside to see the lights.  The rope light, the brand new rope light, has a section out!  WTF  Now, I have to unclip all those tiny clips, and go exchange it tomorrow so it can stop looking stupid.  But, at least we could tell it will look great when all is working.  I'm just so frustrated that all the hours I put in, all the testing I do, and something goes wrong anyway.  It will be fixed!

Most of the interior is decorated... the little tree is up, but the big tree is not up yet.  We ran out of time and energy.  I haven't had a moment to rest since I woke up, until now.  Of course, the cat has already been feasting on anything made of pine.  Then, she hoarks it up, yes that is the technical term for what cats do after they eat fake pine needles... My husband got busy spraying bitter bite all over the low lying pine, and my son was very curious about what he was doing. 

Son Daddy, why are you spraying chemicals on the decorations?

Husband Well, because Molly keeps chewing on the tree and garland.  Then, she gets sick.

Son *stands there in silence, thinking about what my husband just said...* Hey, Mommy... why do you keep chewing on our tree?!

Husband MOLLY, son, MOLLY.

Son Oh... yeah.  Mommy doesn't eat trees.


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