Thursday, November 10, 2011

I don't need my candy to make fun of me, that's what my family is for.

Ugh, my kid's Halloween candy stash is like 99% Butterfingers.  Butterfinger really pimped itself out this year with coupons, so I guess all the extreme couponers out there went and grabbed those suckers by the skid full.  (I chose to go with the Hershey, Mars, and Wonka coupons myself.  Coupons!  Woot!)  I prefer to hand out the less insulting candy.  I have never been laughed at and called a Snickers, or Milky Way, or Kit Kat... well maybe a Nerd, but that's so chic and cool right now that it's a total non-issue.  Nerd is the new jock, BTW.  (Ew, I wouldn't eat anything called a jock, FYI, so don't get any ideas.)  I have, however, been called "Butterfingers", and I don't need my dessert to remind me of that, or point out any flaws in my motor skills.  On top of being a name-caller, Butterfingers are also pretty gross.  They are not my thing.  If they are your thing, fine, I'm sure there is something I like that you find gross... asparagus, anyone?! 

It's a mixed blessing, I suppose, that my kid's little plastic pumpkin is full of these mean, gross candies I won't eat.  At least they will never make it to my hips... But it is a little sad that I can't really join in the tradition of parents stealing their kids Halloween candy while they are fast asleep, dreaming about how wonderful their parents are and how they would never do something like steal from their own kids.... 

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