Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stewed tomatoes make me gag, and NASCAR is, well NASCAR

Lately everyone is talking about Kim Kardashian's divorce.  You know, the one that she filed for almost immediately after leaving the church or something... Anywho... some of us have come out of the closet on Facebook to admit that we do not give a fuck about it.  All the endless updates and speculation.  Who cares?!  I have never, not even for a millisecond, cared about the Kardashians.  They are completely irrelevant to me.  I know, gasp.  I was chatting with a friend about this, yeah you, B, and asked him if he knew what I cared about more than KK... the answer?  Everything!  Now, that was a pretty rash answer, so I thought about it for more than a minute, and just with the quick list of things I really hate but are somehow more important to me than the state of her union, I'm pretty sure my answer was right.  Here's just a few examples of things I really do not care if they disappear, yet still place higher than the dissolution of this pseudo-celebrity's marriage...

1. Stewed tomatoes.  I hate these things.  Ask my mother, they make me gag something fierce.  I would rather sit in a dark dining room, long after everyone was finished eating, than put them in my mouth.  However, if I was cooking for a sick friend or a stressed friend who really loved them, I'd suck it up and find the best recipe out there and cook some up.  No problem.  I just wouldn't let my other food touch that food.

2.  NASCAR.  Just in case it is not obvious, I am not a NASCAR girl.  I mean, if I wanted to see a car go around in circles for hours, I'd just go out without my GPS.  However, my son loves the movie "Cars", and I think more than a little inspiration for that cute little movie came from NASCAR, so I do appreciate it in that respect. 

3. Pajama pants and crocs worn out in inappropriate public places.  Now, PJ pants and crocs are not all bad.  They have their place, and they are fantastic when the time is right.  Muddy garden?  Crocs please!  Chillin' on my couch?  Pass the PJ pants.  :)  However, when I'm out at the market trying to pick out an avocado, I don't want to feel like I interrupted your nap time.  If I'm dining at an establishment where the place settings include two or more forks, I do not appreciate plastic foam footwear.  Time and place, people!  Time. and. place.

4. Justin Bieber.  I do not get this craze, at all... BUT the nearby teenage girls stop shrieking and talking in those valley girl/mean girl voices to listen in blissful silence to that kid.  That is nearly a miracle. 

So, you see, just from this small list, it's rather obvious that someone's relationship status (especially someone who is really famous for next to nothing), is none of my concern.  Everyone can stop with the updates and the speculation.  No one cares, at least no one should.  Yes, it's ridiculous, but it's not news and it certainly is not important.  Did anyone notice that at least 29 people totally died from that freak pre-Halloween snow?!  Probably not.  Kim Kardashian's divorced butt was in the way. 

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