Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Ninja - I got mad skillz

I know it's cool to hate Black Friday, and any good hipster would have stayed home and publicly scorned the very idea of post Thanksgiving commercialism and made anyone who was contemplating shopping feel like a total asshole.  BUT I'm not a hipster, I'm a normal person.  (Relatively speaking, anyway.  Okay, compared to hipsters and most serial killers at least... and those people with the strange "eating dryer sheets" addictions and such.)  SO, I prepped ahead of time, and set out with eyes on the prize!

Yesterday I pulled out all the Black Friday ads, and started going through them after dinner and before pie.  I made a game plan, compared prices, and was ready to roll!

Our Black Friday started at 4AM, when my husband snuck out to get me the elliptical machine I had my eye on.  That puppy will be arriving on Thursday, just in time to work off the Christmas cookies I will be forced to taste test while baking the normal 2 or 3 million for gifts and holiday parties.  I set out around 7, got a few things I was worried about disappearing early, headed back home, met up with my mom, headed back out for a few hours, brought home lunch, put up some Christmas decorations, shopped online deals, went back to Target who overcharged me to get a credit and to pick up an extension cord for the spotlight for the front door, and came home for the night.  I was at 2 of the stores today, twice.   I think I ate dinner, but I can't even remember. 

While at Target this AM, I was checking prices on my iPhone with a barcode scanner.  (I'm all about getting the best possible price!  That means more presents!) As other people realized what I was doing, I was soon scanning prices for other folks.  Then, some lady was asking my opinion on Tag Readers vs Leapsters... I lost my Mom a handful of times, but in the end we were made it out alive, and with many good deals.  I did manage to sweet talk the guy running the register at another store this AM into giving me the coupon that I had left at home (I know, a Ninja wouldn't have left her coupon at home, but I'm a human Ninja and grabbed the wrong coupon in my haste.)  Overall, I made a good dent in my Christmas list, without breaking the bank. 

Every Black Friday, I see at least one oddball thing... last year it was a couple dressed in matching track suits, matching athletic shoes, matching coats, matching coffee travel mugs, and matching clipboards.  This year, I had the pleasure of returning to Target to get them to credit an overcharge for me, and to pick up an extension cord.  There was a rather noticeable difference between the early morning shoppers and the night shoppers.  When I got in line tonight, I had one person in line in front of me, and one person in line behind me.  The girl in front of me was buying 3 things... a teenie hot pink lacey thong, a straight iron, and hairspray... that is all.  The guy behind me was buying 3 things... 2 packs of white undershirts and a martini shaker... that is all.  As I was standing there, a feeling of glee and euphoria came over me, it was too good... too funny... too weird.  I couldn't contain myself, and I turned to the guy behind me, pointed out to him what he was buying (in case he didn't notice)...

Me Undershirts and martini shaker... just the essentials, huh? *with my serious face*

Him  Yep, I thought I might throw in a flat screen, but I decided against it.

Me It's probably not that bad sitting around in your undershirt, drinking martinis and staring at an empty wall... at least not if you drink enough martinis!

Him This is true.

When I told my husband about how much fun I was having in the check out line, he decided it was probably best if I didn't go out unsupervised anymore.  Boo!

And, one last thing, in case you were wondering.... NOW you may turn on your Christmas lights.  Enjoy!

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