Friday, September 23, 2011

Grocery tomfoolery, pretty tools, and invisible flowers

Don't provoke a crazy person: Caused a scene at Safeway this AM. In my defense, I was provoked by someone displaying their complete lack of a sense of humor. It was vital to have a laughter-vention.
The man behind me had Ben & Jerry's so I said to the clerk "shoot, I forgot to check to see if you had the new Ben & Jerry's!". She said, with total angry face "Oh, the one with the nasty name? We do NOT carry THAT!". Well that kinda sourpuss-ness just instigates my bad behavior. So I came back with "Yes! That's the one! I can't wait to taste their Schweddy balls!". Well the man behind me lost it & we were laughing so hard. Even the baby stared laughing over us losing our minds. Everyone was then watching the ruckus & the clerk was even angrier looking. I said "Oh don't worry! Sheesh. It's only out for a limited time." and shook my head at her. Stick in the mud.  
 In other news:  The new shows are starting up.  We were giving Whitney a try, and I had to laugh when she pulled a hammer out of the underwear drawer with a "What is this doing here?" look on her face.  I keep a hammer in my underwear drawer.  True story.  But, it's totally normal for it to be there because it's purple.
And Kidism of the day: My oldest, and apparently most patriotic son, was telling me what they did in school today: "Every day we stand up in ellipse and say 'I pledge allegiance to the invisible flower of the United States of America."

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