Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School Update and Questionable Science

My son survived his first day of school!  So did I!  Yay!  Lucky for me, it was a super short 1 hour day, and that's how it will be the entire week.  He had fun.  At the end of today he told me that they were getting ready to listen to a story, and the kids were to be getting bean bags to sit on.  Two children were crying, and not able to bring themselves to participate.  My son told me he went and got bean bags for them so they could sit with him and hear the story.  I love that kid!  The funny thing is, when I went to preschool I tried to cheer up a boy in my class who cried the first several days of class... the entire class.  I guess it's genetic.  :)

Dinner time conversation / challenge between my husband and I:

Me: The old lady turns to dirt.

Him: Ashes.  She turns to ashes.

Me: The don't really specify, and, anyway, ashes are dirt.  If I had ashes on my table I'd clean it because it was dirty.  So it's not wrong to say dirt.  I didn't say soil.

Him: Plants grow in the dirt.  They can't grow in ashes.

Me: I bet they can!  At least something has to be able to grow in ashes.

Him: Let's do it!

Me: Do what?

Him: Grow a plant in someone's ashes.

Me: We're fresh out of dead body ashes.

Him: Let's get some.

Me: Um...

Him: We could steal an urn.

Me: Hmmm, that's probably the best way to obtain ashes.  I mean if one of us killed the other to get some ashes to run our science experiment, one of us would never know the outcome.  And, that would just be ridiculous.  So, stealing an urn is really the only reasonable option.

Him: Exactly.


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