Saturday, September 3, 2011

Out with the Fire Breathing, Green Dragon and in with a Brit.

I worked my deal finding magic, and came up with a Dyson Animal nearly 50% cheaper than regular price.  Just $19 shy of the 50% mark.  Needless to say, the husband was thrilled, and he was more than happy to schlep on over to the store and pick it up.  She's a beauty.  We have named her Darlene, and the kids even love her.  I caught the baby toddling behind me with his little toy vacuum.  I am in vacuum heaven, if there was such a place.

Kidism of the day:
My son was "ringing" himself up on his talking cash register.  He came up as $1.50.  When his dad came into the room, he exclaimed "Daddy it says I am 1 dollar and 50 cents because I'm cheap... like you!"


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