Monday, September 19, 2011

Seriously I need better news to report...

Everyone is still sick!  Well, except me!  I, magically, have avoided this chest cold that all the boys in the house have come down with.  This is the 2nd illness in a row for the kids.  That makes me feel terrible.  :(  My poor babies.  The littlest is so sick and stuffy that he can hardly eat.  He tries to nurse, but pulls away and cries because he cannot breathe.  I got one of those battery powered nasal aspirator thing-a-ma-jigs for him today since he was hating the bulb syringe, but clearing his nose is always a traumatic experience.  He gets so worked up over clearing his nose, he goes into a fit and screams and cries for a good half an hour after using it.  This wears a Momma out!  I wish I could explain to him so he would understand I'm trying to help him.  He cries because he can't breathe, but cries when you try to help.  I wish I could make it better for him right this minute.  :(

I have been going on extremely little sleep for a week and a half now.  I'm held up, barely, by truckloads of caffeine.  Today I finally had to accept that not everything is going to get done until everyone is better.  Things might get out of place, and there might be some dishes in the sink, but I have to start saving myself here.  I was starting to get aches and pains from lack of sleep and constantly going going going, taking care of everyone and everything.  I love being a Mom, and I'm very happy that I can take care of my family (and not being sick is really helping me pull that off.  What a nightmare if I was sick too!), but I am also a human being who needs rest, proper nutrition, and I'm not really meeting my own needs now.  I'm starting to have cranky moments.  Today was the first day I felt that I was getting cranky, and I hope it doesn't get any worse.  I'm sure my husband also hopes it doesn't get worse, but I know he took my 2 snaps around dinner time not personally but as a sign of exhaustion. 

Anyone who is a Momma knows this story too well, I'm sure.  We've all been there.  It is comforting to know that there are other folks out there who know exactly how I'm feeling at this moment.  Helpless and sad for my sick kiddos, bad for my sick husband, frustrated that I cannot do every single thing I feel needs to get done, mental and physical exhaustion.  Would I let someone else take care of these little sickies, though?  No way.  That's my job.  That is love, and I know they love me for it.  Somehow, that love can carry you through when all your body wants to do is sleep for days. 

I'll be more chipper, eventually.  I promise!

PS For one cheerful little tidbit:

It occurred to me today, when picking up my son, that perhaps I would like to play something other than "Satan Is My Motor" when my son's pre-school teacher is helping him into the car at the end of class.  It might be leaving the wrong impression...

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