Friday, September 16, 2011

And Tomorrow I Shop

After a very long week, I'm ready for a little me time to wrap it up!  My oldest son is still sick, and his respiratory symptoms have actually worsened, causing me to wonder if he's coming down with some sort of chest cold in addition to what he was just getting over.  Poor kid.  The baby has also been acting strange and fussy, which often is a first sign that illness is brewing.  I'm crossing my fingers that this is just the end of the previous illness, and we're not going to be launched into something else. 

Fall is moving on in, and not just bringing illness, but cold weather!  This morning it was 43 degrees, so I sent my oldest son to school with his coat from last year.  It was a Zero Xposure coat.  I will NEVER purchase another one.  My husband, son and I all got them last year, and immediately things started to break and tear on their coats.  Mine is the only one intact.  Well, today my son returns home and I notice he has a huge tear on the front of his coat with stuffing coming out.  So, tomorrow I will be heading out to shop for new coats for my boys.  (And maybe some cute shoes and boots for the Momma :) )  Not only do I need to replace a coat immediately and get one for the baby, but retail therapy after the stressful week will be fantastic.  :) 

On an up note, Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, and so is Bill Maher.  2 of my very favorite indulgences.  Happy happy joy joy!

In closing: Do NOT buy Zero Xposure coats.  DO buy PSL's and subscribe to HBO.  You're welcome.

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