Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If I knew any of his lyrics, they'd be the title

Lil' Wayne was at our library tonight!  I swear!  Okay, well I'm nearly certain it was not him, but he was trying so much to be him.  He had the hair, the pants way past his butt, the tattoos, the baseball hat... If I wasn't in so much shock to see someone so exactly copying Lil' Wayne like that I would have taken a picture!  I wish I knew anything about Lil' Wayne like a quote or song title to make the title of this post more witty, but, alas, I do not.  I have never understood the hype when it comes to that man.  Maybe it's because he's miniature, and everyone loves fun-size things.  Ever notice how they sell the most insane things "travel size"?  That is because we are all suckers for teenie tiny versions of things we see and use every day.  There are some things, like hairspray, that a travel size is good because you can't stick it in a smaller container you have at home.  You need the dispenser.  But then there is travel toilet paper (you can't just fold some up and toss it in a ziploc or right in your purse?) or travel shampoo (they sell little refillable bottles so you can take a small amount with you rather than buy the travel ones over and over...).  But they are iddy biddy, and, admit it, you love that!  Like those little liquor bottles!  They are so ridiculous.  It takes handfulls of those things to make any decent drink.  But they are fun size, collectible, and so damn adorable. 

So, more about this Lil' Wayne-alike.  Is this what our modern day Elvis impersonators are going to be?  They will be full on getting tattoos and jacking up their teeth to pretend to be someone else?  Are people paying to have Lil' Wayne marry them, or to have a Lil' Wayne-annabe perform at their bar mitzvah? 

I must admit that I want to hang out at the library non-stop again until I see him again.  Then I want to get our picture with him and mail it out in our holiday cards.  I wonder how I could word the cards so it would sound like auto-tune when people read them aloud.  If anyone has any ideas, let me know! 

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