Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dish vs Irene and Getting the news from dogs

Apparently our satellite dish is no match for Hurricane Irene.  I was making a day of having fun in the house, with the hurricane coverage going in the background.  The eye of the storm is going to be closest to us around midnight, and so we have about 2 and a half hours until then, in the meantime the wind and rain have picked up.  As soon as the wind started to pick up, just before 8PM, the dish started having trouble getting reception.  A dish on the roof unable to compete with strong winds and rain?  Who would have thought.  *obvious sarcasm*  Ugh.

The storm has been kind of boring so far, and without the more exciting coverage to watch it's really anticlimactic. 

Somehow, in all the non-excitement, I have injured my neck.  I usually hurt my neck while sleeping, because I'm that talented when it comes to injuring myself.  It takes mad skills to hurt yourself in your sleep.  Maybe I can report this as a hurricane-related injury.  It was so low key that I thought I was sleeping, and sprained my neck. 

Of course, the biggest show from this storm that we will see will take place overnight... in the dark... while we're asleep.  My oldest son wanted to go out and play in the wind and rain, but it really wasn't windy enough during the day to do the "hurricane boarding" my husband started as tradition when he was a child.

Hurricane boarding = skateboard + sideways umbrella to pull you through the wind

We are contemplating waking him up at 2AM to go out.  Or maybe we'll just take the baby monitor and go out ourselves!

Okay, so the dish just held it's own for about 3-4 minutes, and we saw some good coverage.  The best part?  A newscaster randomly came into view and walked behind someone giving a newscast... and she was walking a dog... then the dog walked over to the guy giving the news, and put his paws up on the desk.  My husband's reaction? "What, after hours of being on air, they no longer give a f&%k about their jobs?"  Then the satellite went out again, so we can only assume that hurricane Irene is now magical and turning people into dogs.  You've been warned.

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