Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little bit of this n that...

First up in today's news, my laptop has hit the skids. I am, therefore, posting this from my iPhone. So, I'll keep this short & sweet.

More winter mess tonight. Our school district closed today because they were worried the kids would get out of school for the summer on time. The roads were fine, so that had to be the reason. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be worse. We'll see. They've already been off 7 days in a row!

The baby isn't sleeping well at all. He's been rolling over in his sleep, and then he wakes up screaming. I lost count if how many times he woke up last night. Poor baby, and poor parents!

There is a new commercial out there for something called Easy Feet. It grosses me out. I can't watch it if I just ate. I don't need that close of a look at people cleaning between their toes.

We weren't home much at all Sunday, but, according to our meter,we used 100 gallons of water. Guess we still have a leak somewhere.

Nothing too exciting, but that can be refreshing! Now, to see about fixing my laptop....

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