Friday, February 11, 2011

Mommy Time Emergency!

I am in dire need of some alone time!  With my 3 year old's new love of not listening, defying me, and breaking the rules, I'm completely exhausted.  It's been around 2 weeks, each day getting a little worse.  Hopefully my husband and I can put our heads together this weekend, and come up with a new approach to discipline for this kid, but I also need to have some personal time to de-stress. 

Earlier today, I went to put in some laundry, and when I came back to the living room I saw my 3 year old reading a book to the baby.  It was sweet, and just like him to do something like that.  At least I saw a glimpse of the loving, fun, sweet boy I know and love.  I feel like he's getting lost in this ugliness, and it breaks my heart. 

I think a few minutes to myself this weekend will help me look at the situation with some fresh eyes, and come up with some ideas.  I wish I could skip this part, and just take all the fun things about having a 3 year old.  He's so smart, funny, creative, and loving when he's not acting out.  I think the first step will be to figure out what maybe triggered the sudden surge in bad behavior.  Wish me luck!

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