Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tax Time

I may be the only person I know who gets excited at tax time!  I love the big reveal at the end.  Will you come out a winner?!  If so, how big is the jackpot?  I mean, I understand it was our money all along, but it was like it was hiding and we found it in couch cushions.  Or when you pull out an old purse to use, and voila!, there's a $20 bill floating around in there.  Bonus! 

We had so much going on this year with selling a home, buying a home, buying a car, I worked for a few weeks filling in for a nurse, we had a baby... so we decided to go to a CPA.  He was very nice, and to top it off, he treated it like the game show I always imagine it to be, with a big reveal at the end.  He was even downright gleeful as he announced our refund.  Then, he gave us candy bars.  The candy bar wrappers were little tax forms.  They were adorable.  It was the best tax experience I have ever had! 

My husband promised me that we could replace our stove after taxes this year.  We were going to get one when we moved into this home, but we decided to wait until taxes.  Well, it's kind of nice that we did because Lowes is having a promotion where you buy a gift card for yourself (they are promoting it as using your tax refund and getting 10% more for your refund), and they will add 10% of the amount you put on the card to the balance.  So if you put $1000 on, you get an additional $100.  Perfect for someone who was already going to buy a stove from them.  See, ever since I started couponing, deals and discounts seem to appear out of nowhere.  I guess I'm just more alert, and notice them more often. 

So, now it's time to choose my stove.  It must have a 2 oven option and a 5 burner gas range, so that really narrows it down.  I want stainless.  Hopefully, unlike our current oven, the temperature will be accurate so I don't have to keep messing with the dial to get it at the right temp.  That is a pain in the butt.  So we'll see what I come up with!

Again, I love tax time!  (Sorry for the chipperness to those of you who do not share my love.)

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