Saturday, February 19, 2011

We Didn't Blow Away

So, we are still here!  Our house did not fly away to Oz.  My husband and son braved the wind to play outside for a little while today.  I could barely stand being out in the wind to run errands.  This kind older gentleman stopped to help me get the baby in the car because the wind was blowing against me so hard it was difficult to maneuver the baby carrier into the car.  To top it off, the stroller took off, crashing into me and bending my fingernail completely backwards.  That thing still hurts!  So, when this man stopped and said "Let me hold that for you."  I was so thankful.  My husband was trying to get our older son in the car without the door slamming on them on the other side.  When I was getting in my seat, the door got my other hand and I broke another nail when my finger got jammed in the door.  Fun times. 

We ordered my near dream range today.  (My true dream would be two full ovens stacked in the wall... oooooh, aaaaaah).  It does have 2 ovens, and 5 burners, and one of the ovens is a convection oven.  It has auto shut off, so it comes with a Sabbath mode to override that so you can leave it on and avoid breaking kosher laws by having to turn it on during Sabbath.  I don't keep that kosher, even on Sabbath, so it's not like I need that but it's cool that it exists.  It has all sorts of special bells and whistles for baking, too, which I super love to do.  It comes March 4th, so I'm thinking there will be a big inaugural dinner that weekend! 

We took my son to Borders to use his gift card from Christmas since a lot of the stores around here are closing.  We had several books picked out, but then he noticed a wooden train made out of building blocks.  So we left with that and two books.  The boy loves trains. 

My husband just installed a light we had bought for this house before we even  moved in.  In slightly over 2 months, we will have lived here for a year!  Better late than never!  I have my eye on a new light fixture for our powder room, and it needs a new mirror.  I'd like to take care of this soon because we have a neighborhood yard sale coming up in April, and I'd like to put the old stuff out for sale.  I'm mentally collecting things for the sale, but I need to clear a corner in the basement to start organizing everything.  With the move, we do have things to sell.  I wish I had kept some of the items we took down and replaced.  I could've sold them! 

I put up some decorations in my "girl room", today.  I don't have a little girl, but I have my office in our spare room.  That room had pink carpet in it.  Naturally, there was only one thing to do with that, turn it into a Hello Kitty room.  I had a blanket, and stuffed Kitties and such, but now I have cute wall clings up.  haha  The walls were painted white because I wasn't so sure what I wanted to do with them, but I knew I didn't want the terrible wall paper it came with!  So, now they are way more interesting, and I just need some valances for the windows because the white sheers are too boring.  The bedding is already white and pink, so it's coming together.  Originally I did it for my niece who wanted to be able to come stay over.  Now it's mostly just because I've like Hello Kitty since I was a little girl, and still to this day I think she's cute.  So I do it now for nostalgia. 

This house seems like one never-ending project sometimes!  Moving from a town home to a single family, 4 bedroom house means it's going to take awhile to decorate and make it your own.  It takes time, money, and did I mention time!  With a baby on the way, and now he's here, I've been even slower than usual at decorating.  I love to do it, but I take my time thinking about exactly what I want.  It's fun.  I wish I had more time for that.  One day, right?!

Tomorrow I have to finish my housework, and it's coupon Sunday, so I'll be working on that.  Luckily it's a 3 day weekend, so I have a little extra help from my husband Monday, too.  We'll see what all I can get accomplished.  I'm trying to wrap up some of these "projects" and organizing in a kind of "spring cleaning" way.  It'll feel great when it's done! 

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