Monday, February 7, 2011

The Art of Paper Delivery

Someone please explain how to deliver a newspaper to my newspaper delivery person.  How hard is it to pick up a paper, roll down your window, toss the paper into the two lane driveway?!  Apparently properly delivering a newspaper is a near impossible task, at least in our neighborhood.  My papers are RARELY delivered to my very large, hard to miss driveway.  Instead, I find papers on the sidewalk between our house and our neighbor's house, behind bushes, in the neighbor's driveway, in the street, in piles of plowed snow, in the neighbor's yard, but almost never on the driveway.  I have had to go hunt for my New York Times papers many times, and often come home empty handed.  Often the paper is simply not delivered at all.  This happens so frequently on Fridays, that we now joke about it.  If we actually receive the Friday edition, we gasp and fuss about how that actually happened, and the trouble the paper delivery person must've gone through to get it to us. 

Yesterday, I walked out to get the Sunday Times and our local paper from the driveway.  The local paper was there, but I saw a car slowly moving past the house, then someone open the door and snatch a paper in a yellow bag (just like my NYTimes comes in) out of a snow pile and drive off.  I could not believe my eyes.  "Did they just steal my paper right in front of me!?"  I cannot be sure, as another big city paper that gets delivered in our neighborhood also comes in the same yellow bag.  But, perhaps if it wasn't laying in a snow pile, well into the street (a good 10 feet from the entrance of my driveway), they wouldn't have taken it.  They would've had to go into my driveway to get it, not just open their car door and pick it up.  They were probably trying to steal papers for coupons.  The NYT doesn't have coupons, though.  Or maybe my delivery person didn't deliver mine, and they delivered someone else's paper to the snow pile in front of my house.  I still place the blame on the NYT delivery person because of the terrible delivery service we've been getting.  And, as I mentioned, if it was in the right place, the people would have had to drive into my driveway to get it, and get out of their car.  But who knows if it was even my paper or if mine was actually delivered.  Grrrr.

I did write to the New York Times to complain about paying for a product I was so often not receiving.  I do not have time to report each paper I don't get, either.  Nor should I have to go through that nearly every week.  I love the NYT, and it's a great pleasure to receive.  It was a gift subscription from my sister.  I'm so disappointed in missing out on it, especially Sunday.  Of all days, Sunday!!

I should give it a try, and see how hard it is to pull up to my driveway, reach for a paper next to me, roll my window down, and toss it to my target (the driveway).  As a nurse, I delivered babies, even on my own when a doctor didn't get to the room in time.  I never once put a baby where it didn't belong, and I'm pretty sure it's more complicated to help a mini-person into the world than to toss a paper into a driveway.  I could be wrong, though, so I should give it a try.

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