Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super what?

I cannot really comment on the big game tonight, because I mostly missed it.  I also, sadly, missed all the crazy commercials, except for the Bridgestone one (which was awesome).  I did see the halftime, and I loved the lights and dancers, but I felt the performances, save for Slash, were lacking.  So Super Bowl Sunday turned out a little lackluster for me, with regards to the football festivities.  We attended a child's birthday party out of state, and that was the focus of our day.  We had a nice time seeing everyone, and we met some new folks.  Our oldest son had fun with all the kids.  We also got to see some relatives as we made a pit stop to feed the baby on the way home.  It was a nice, family day. 

With such a busy weekend (when are they not busy?!), I am totally beat.  I feel like too many things did not get done.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up tomorrow.  We did get our grocery shopping though.  We only had to do a teenie tiny trip, but with my budding coupon skills, we saved about 50% off our order.  I could get use to this extra, leftover money.  I even got a new screen for our fireplace that I had been wanting for months, at 75% off!  I knew coupons saved you money, but I didn't realize how much.  Using those with the circulars, well I look at it as a challenge now, and that is all I need to motivate me to kick ass. 

So far my New Years resolutions are going well.  The baby weight is slowly coming off still, and I can wear my black dress now.  I have also kept up with my blog.  I only took one day off in January (everyone deserves a little time off, right?). 

We have decided to enroll our oldest son in soccer this spring.  They have a 3-4 year old league, so he'll join that.  It will be good for him to be around other kids his age a little more, and to teach him sportsmanship.  He loves physical play, and he loves games.  It seems like this will be perfect for him.  It's on Saturdays, so the whole family can go.  I'm so excited for this that I almost ran out and bought a minivan.  But, then I remembered I hate minivans.

There's a few updates, but now I suppose I should take care of some household responsibilities.  Perhaps I can even convince the baby to go to sleep.  His wide eyes and big smile say "fat chance"!

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