Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow kidding

We got a nice pile of snow again overnight.  This AM my husband went out to shovel, and our neighbor came over with his snow blower to help out and to use some of our gas.  (Which, of course, we were more than happy to give since he's helped out several times while my husband was away working and I was left to shovel everything myself with the baby and 3 year old.)  They were talking and the neighbor said his kiddos were excited, and wanted to go sledding.  My husband said "Oh, you guys like sledding?  Where do you go?  Is it around here?", and the neighbor answered "Yeah, it's your back yard!"  Haha.  I forgot he wasn't around for most of the snow falls this year, so he didn't know the kids and our son loved to go out in the back yard and sled together.  The little 2 year old girl, when she woke up and saw snow the last time it snowed, said "Oh I can't wait to go to (my son's) house and go sledding!".  We love having them over, so I'm thrilled to know they enjoy it so much.  So everyone was out in the back yard sledding around lunch time.  I even got to go out after the baby went down for a nap (the Sony Baby Call does awesome outside.  Best monitor we've had.).  So that was a silver lining in a snowy situation.  Just when we were thinking the good weather was on it's way....

10 days until the new stove gets here!  I have to go to Lowes in the next day or so to pick up a new vanity light for our bathroom.  It's on sale, and you know how I am about the sales!  I had this light picked out for awhile.  I just hope our old light comes off nice, and it's not a mess behind it.  We shall see!  I also wish to replace the mirror in that powder room.  The one that is in there is so bad.  I have to update and decorate slowly around here to not send my husband into "sticker shock".  Plus, eventually I have to give myself a day off.  I was asking my husband how the cleaning and projects seems to never end.  I told him I need to go to the spa for an entire day or week or until I feel like coming back to cleaning!  So maybe, forever.  :P

I ran out of room on my camera today, so I'm working on transferring my pics off of it and onto my PC, then onto my hard drive and a DVD.  I feel I can never back them up enough.  I always worry about losing pictures now that I have children.  It makes me sad to think I would lose the visual reminders of what they were like growing up.  I want to save that for them and myself.  These moments are fleeting. 

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