Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hints, Tips, General Girly Talk

Today, several little tricks and tips I use in my everyday life came to my attention, so I thought I'd use my post today to share some of them.  Like a little girl talk session, but really it's just me talking AT you.  Feel free to leave your own tips or tricks in the comments!  I love new ideas on how to make things in life easier, more efficient, or just generally better!

First off, an update on the coupon clipping we've be doing around this house.  (Well really I'm in charge of the coupons.)  Checking the circulars for sales, and then pairing up as many things as I could with coupons (only things we need, I'm not hoarding things just because they're on sale or I have a coupon), has saved us a cool $100 on this weeks shopping trip.  AND to make that even better, our trip really stocked us up so well that we will only need a few things for the next couple weeks (mostly just meat for main dishes after next week.)  So, really it saved us more than $100, because we bought more than usual and saved that, and spent less than we normally would for a weeks worth of groceries.  So, I'm thinking this is totally worth the trouble of going through the ads, and clipping coupons.  In a few months I could have saved enough for a nice pair of Manolo Blahnik's!

Now, during the winter my hands get sooooooo dry.  I wash my hands like crazy (thanks to being a nurse and knowing what germs are out there!), and that combined with the dry weather and dry heat destroys the skin on my hands.  They are rough, they crack, and they hurt!  Today I remembered a little trick I started using last year when the dry hands started.  Wash your hands with body scrub!  They make hand scrubs, but if you already have body scrub that works great.  My body scrub is scrubbier than my hand scrub, so I need to use that the first few days until I get rid of all the dry skin.  It sounds like it would be painful, but it's not.  It takes off that dry skin (use it gently), and leaves your hands soft.  I do it only once a day, or less if it starts to get irritating.  I always follow up with lotion immediately after I use the scrub.  I just used it today for the first time this season, and my hands are a good 80% improved from earlier this morning.  Try it, you'll like it!

Another trick I shared with a girlfriend today, is when you're short on time for a few days, make a dinner that you can morph into something else for several meals.  I love to do this with chicken soft shell tacos.  Dinner one night, the next morning throw some of the leftover toppings in an omelet, and for lunch use leftover soft shells, meat, and cheese to make quesadillas.  My husband was so annoyed with the amount of food that went bad before we ate it and got thrown away, and so I started trying to find ways to create new things out of used things to keep it interesting and finish what we cook.  I now consider it a challenge! 

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