Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baked Goods for Services

My mailman, once again, earns employee of the month (in my opinion).  He not only brought me my mail and package, but he also picked up my newspaper and brought that to me!  I baked cookies for him back at Christmas, and I'm starting to think they must've been the greatest cookies he's ever had to get this kind of service.  For the longest time, I was convinced my baked macaroni and cheese (which is really my Mom's because she gave me the recipe I use) could solve the world's problems.  Everyone I made it for raved over it, and it is one of the ultimate comfort foods out there.  Too bad I'm restricted from dairy right now since the baby has a sensitivity to it, or else I'd be cooking some of that up for us this week. 

People love food.  I don't have to even make that statement, as we all know it's true.  The guys my husband works with really love getting their Christmas cookies from me.  I have baked and frozen mac and cheese for folks in the hospital, or who just had babies, and that has been a meal they didn't have to come up with on their own and work too hard to make.

My husband and I are currently a little on the sad side about Valentine's Day, because we associate food we cannot get here with the holiday.  Our first Valentine's Day together we were supposed to meet up at a nice restaurant in my hometown, but I got a flat tire at work which was 1 1/2 hrs from my house and 1 hour from his, so he met me at work.  Then he took me to get my tire fixed, and next to the tire place was a Long John Silver's.  We went in there to eat, and it was empty!  It was so great!  We had the whole place to ourselves.  I guess no one is taking their Valentines to LJS.  haha  But, it was kind of romantic to be alone there, and it was sweet of him to help take care of me and my car.  He brought me gifts, and mine were back at my house waiting for us so he didn't get them that day.  Every year since then, we go to LJS for Valentine's Day.  It's always empty, it's always fun.  Even since we've had our son, we still go.  This year, though, we don't have a LJS near us since we moved.  We aren't sure what we might do.  Should we start a new tradition?  Or, do we make the trek to the nearest LJS, or even go all the way up to our old LJS?  Decisions decisions. 

Speaking of living somewhere new, we realized that we are in our last few months of our first year here.  We first saw this house covered in snow, and so when it was snowing here the other week, we realized how long we've been here.  We're running out of "first time doing such and such in the new house".  We are becoming more familiar with the area, and finding new things to do to replace what we used to do as a family in the old house.  But, oh how lovely it would be if a Long John Silvers came to town!  Then we could at least keep the Valentine tradition.  Oh well, sometimes we have to let go.  Maybe there is some other fast food joint that everyone will avoid on Valentine's Day that we can take over here!  :) 

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