Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The classic beauty that is Astro Turf

While driving today, I came across a rather breathtaking use of Astro Turf.  It literally took my breath when I saw this pretty little white house, completely ruined aesthetically for me by glaring green Astro Turf covering their front porch, side porch, and outdoor stairs.  I wanted to knock on the door and ask "Why?!  Why would you do that?!"  Then it occurred to me that maybe there is some practical reason for it that I just am unaware of. 

I doubt there is anyone who could think that is beautiful.  Maybe they are big sports fans?  Are they hoping people will be fooled into thinking that grass just naturally grew up there?  And why would that be desirable, anyway?  Do they host little teenie tiny soccer matches for their garden gnomes on it?  Do they have a little putt putt set up on their porch?  I also want to know how you remove snow from it.  What is the maintenance like?  I've seen this before, and usually there are worn spots in it.  All I know is, my first reaction wasn't "Wow, now THAT is a classy look."

If anyone is aware of a good reason to use Astro Turf on a porch, please let me know. 

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