Monday, January 31, 2011

Too Quiet!

Caution: There is a mild gross out factor in this one!

Today started like a dream.  The baby woke up at 7:30, and had slept through the entire night.  When it was his morning nap time, he fussed a little after about 15 minutes, so I went in and rocked him with his silky blanket.  He was clutching it when I put him back into his crib asleep, so I let him have it.  (I checked on him frequently since you shouldn't give them blankets in their crib.)  He was so content with his blanket, that he slept for 3 hours.  My oldest son was behaving like an angel, and was playing quietly by himself as I worked on tax prep, grocery list with coupon clipping and sale surfing, got letters ready to mail, did Valentine's Day prep, and did laundry.  I called my mom, and I admitted to her that it was too good here.  I was becoming paranoid.  I knew something was about to happen. 

When I got off the phone with my mom, I helped my oldest son get a snack.  The baby was happily bouncing in his jumperoo (best investment of my life, btw), and I could see him and hear him jumping.  I had to help my son with the last few bits of cereal, and then I headed over to the baby, who was still happy as a clam, jumping away.  Then I saw it.  Poop.  Everywhere, poop.  There was a puddle of poop under the jumperoo, and the baby was happily jumping in it.  He was jumping so much, that he jumped one of his socks all the way off.  There were little poop baby footprints all over the carpet.  My husband was working from home, so I ran down to his office to ask for help, but he was on a conference call (of course!).  This poor kid needed scrubbed up in the tub, his clothes needed washed immediately, his jumperoo needed to have the seat taken out and washed, and then I had to scrub the carpet.  My older son offered to help, and he really wanted to feel useful in this situation.  He got me some toilet paper, and was trying to find a moment to use it. 

As a parent, when things are going too smooth, when things are too quiet, you KNOW trouble is lurking.  You just have to sit there, and keep your eye open for the cream pie that's about to hit you in the face.  It's there somewhere!  (And can someone tell me why it so often involves poop?!) 

But still, our day went well overall.  We got half of the grocery shopping done, and thanks to my boys behaving so well, we have already saved $50 on groceries this week thanks to the coupons and sale surfing I was able to do between 2 stores.  We have the other half to finish up at the other store, and then I'll have a grand total for the week, but even $50 isn't bad, and I appreciate my sons giving me the time to save it.  It helps them, too.  More money for Thomas trains!

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