Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ah, The Weekend

We made it through the week, the kids and I, by ourselves.  It went rather smoothly, but we were happy to have Daddy back, of course!  Yesterday I busted my tail cleaning our entire house, while taking care of an infant and a 3 year old.  It took me 5 hours to get it all done.  I can get it done in about 2 hours if I have someone else looking after the kids.  I did it so that I could enjoy the weekend, and not worry about the cleaning.  We just wanted to have fun as a family.  I had to do a large majority of the cleaning with the baby in his front carrier, so my back is still hurting me.  After falling down the stairs while carrying a 52 inch television with my husband last week, shoveling the snow with the baby strapped to the front of me in his carrier on Wednesday, and then cleaning with him in that carrier today I cannot believe I'm not in worse pain than I am!  It was worth it, though.  So far our weekend has been productive, and fun.

I started the day off by cooking a big breakfast.  I discovered the turkey bacon was expired since December, though we bought it last week.  It was gooey and didn't look right so I checked the date.  So breakfast was off to a not so good start.  Then I broke my spatula.  This had me convinced that our football team, the Ravens, was going to win since I was apparently hoarding the bad luck for the state of Maryland. 

After breakfast, my sister and her boyfriend came over so he could work with my husband to fix the plumbing leaks we have going on.  My sis and I snuck out to do a little home decor shopping, and to bring back lunch for our fellas.  While out we saw a truck with a cardboard, handwritten license plate from North Carolina.  As my sister said "Looks like the budget cuts have hit the DMV in North Carolina."  I wasn't sure how he was driving around like that, but we did find out it's not all that uncommon (though I've never personally seen anything like that before.)

Then, when the guys were done with the plumbing, my sister and I went out for sister mani/pedis.  Since it was the big Ravens v Steelers game today, we thought for sure the salon would be dead.  It was hoppin'!  We had to wait forever, but it was worth it.  Everyone had jerseys on, and rivals were teasing each other.  All in good fun.  When the game started, someone was streaming it on their smart phone.  It was, by far, the strangest mani/pedi experience I had ever had.  It ended with my sister telling me about her foot massage... "And I was thinking 'He's gonna start punching my foot!'" (She would want me to point out that she has pins in her foot, so she was worried about the massage technique he was using.  It wasn't like violent punching... but like a thumping or karate chop style.)  But the foot punching comment had me in stitches.  (She always says things that turn out just slightly off and hilarious, but those are stories for a different day.)

So we had a nice long, fun time out without my kiddos.  I had no responsibility, and, in fact, I almost fell asleep in the pedi chair!  It is amazing how a little "me time" can recharge your batteries, and can help you get back to taking care of everyone else. 

When I got home, everything was in one piece, and everyone was happy.  Then the Ravens lost the game, boo hiss.  Guess my "bad luck hoarding" theory was a bust.  But we still had a nice, relaxing evening.  Now we get to enjoy the next two days off.  So this was a strange, but good day.  :) 

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