Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The cocktail attire countdown!

We received our invitation today to the spring fling party thrown by my husbands employer!  I'm very excited for an adult night out with my husband!  The party is always a blast, and I look forward to it each year (some years it was a holiday party, but last year an ice storm came so I think they just moved it to spring and left it there).  So now the race is on to lose the last bit of baby weight to fit into my little black dress I had bought for the iced out party!  Thank goodness for having already resolved to lose it (see my very first blog post).  So I'm in full dieting and exercise mode.  I have become better at this over recent years, and I have a plan already so I'm hoping for success!  I have 13 1/2 weeks to lose it.  I'd say wish me luck, but it's not about luck.  It's about watching my calories, and moving my body.  As my mom would say "You can do eeeeet!" 

My 3 year old is a force of nature.  Keeping up with him can be exhausting!  He is the best form of exercise I know.  The best thing is, he loves music and dance.  When a mom with young children mentions to me that she wants to lose weight, I immediately suggest dance parties.  We have impromptu "dance parties" just about every day.  We turn on the tunes, push back the furniture, and boogie down.  This is great, especially in the winter when outdoor activities may not be easy to do thanks to the frigid weather.  It's something moms can do with their kids, so no babysitter or free time is needed.  Even if people don't have young children, dance parties can be great.  You feel good, you hear music that makes you happy, and you burn calories.  So there is my advice of the day.  Have a dance party whenever you get the chance!  (These work for more than just weight loss, such as bad moods, rainy days, or too much coffee.) 

If anyone out there has any other good suggestions for fun ways to get my move on and involve my kids during these cold winter months, let me know! 

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