Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Reviews, Kind of...

For Christmas I received a few books.  I added a few of the books off of my wish list to the small stack, and I'm working my way through them currently.  They are all easy, quick, and funny reads.  I am sure I'll return to my heavier reading once the baby requires less attention, but my brain and body are zapped and exhausted.  You need to be very well rested and alert to tackle a book on Wall St. or the economy.  (Trust me, I've done it many times.  I've also fallen asleep while reading some of these books.  As good as these books may be, the material can sometimes be a little dry.)  So for right now, I'm in "guilty pleasure mode" when it comes to my reading choices. 

I read the little gem "Shit My Dad Says".  It cracked me up, but I follow Justin Halpern on Twitter so I was already a fan.  Everyone has at least one family member who says things they just have to write down, and that most people would not believe someone would actually say.  It was a fun read, and can make your crazy, outspoken relatives seem like pussy cats. 

The next book up was "Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea" by Chelsea Handler.  Another author with outrageous family members.  It was very funny, too.  I enjoyed it, related to the occasional situation here and there, and laughed out loud.  Chelsea is fun to watch, and fun to read.  I have stored one of her moments in my mind to pull out and use later.  She gets a picture of her friend's pet in the mail.  Obviously, she doesn't really care about that, so she comes up with the idea to send a picture of her cleaning lady standing in front of the toilet.  Brilliant, I love it.  Now my mother-in-law, who keeps sending my pictures of her two pit bulls that HATE us and our child and growl and bark viciously at us each time we are there, will be receiving random shots of stuff I know she could care less about.  Obviously her pictures are sent to us without regard to the audience and their feelings on her dogs.  Not to mention, they are dogs.  Dogs that do not belong to us, and we do not have any emotional bond with.  Chelsea knows what I'm talking about!

After briefly flipping through the "Pets Who Want To Kill Themselves" picture book, I'm onto another funny read.  (Not that looking at pictures of poor, miserable animals dressed up against their will isn't funny because it IS!)  I'm quickly approaching the middle of "Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide To The Unique Taste of Millions"  HILARIOUS!  There are several snippits in there about things I personally like, and for many of the reasons it claims I would like them for.  Since I love making fun of things and other people, I can take being poked fun at myself.  So I have laughed at myself, and how unique I sometimes think I'm being thanks to this book.  There are several sections that I instantly picture one of my friends in.  The description of the thing they like, why they like it, and how they want you to react to them liking it just hits the nail on the head.  It's almost like my picture, or pictures of some of my white friends, should be right beside some of the topics.  I recommend this book to any white person who doesn't want to take themselves too seriously, and to any person of any other race who wants to make fun of white people.  Go on, we have it coming to us! 

Next up: "Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, From Seattle's Sweaters to Maine's Microbrews".  This book is written by the same author (obviously) as "Stuff White People Like", Christian Lander.  I have high hopes that it will be just as funny. 

Well now it's time for me to hop into my comfy bed and get to reading!  I have several heavy reads awaiting me after I get through this fluffy stuff.  Gotta keep moving.  :)

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