Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On Social Release....

I am not trying to equate staying at home with my children as prison.  It is necessary to point that out before I continue here.  Anyone who stays home every day with their kids knows how it can be isolating at times, and you can become all Mom and no Self.  With a new baby in the winter season, this has become especially true for me. 

I was lucky to get out with my sister for mani/pedis this weekend, and I did get my hair cut.  (Although, my children attended my hair cut session, and my oldest also got his hair cut.)  Those two outings are very rare events for me, so when I get out it feels like a "social release" program instead of a "work release" program.  When my front door opens, and I get to head out into the world for some socializing, look out!  It is such a special treat to speak face to face with another adult, that the time flies for me and I can't get enough of the chit chat.  I almost lost my mind at the nail salon when everyone in the place was just kind of loosely chatting with each other.  Total strangers, but turning a little self care into a social event.  It was flat out thrilling for me.  I was so engrossed in the event that I did not notice the "massaging" chair was actually leaving bruises all up and down my back.

Okay, quick little tangent here... Doesn't this happen to anyone else?!  These shiatsu massage chairs or chair pads leave me wounded every single time I use them!  I thought maybe I was leaning against it too much when my sister's first left me bruised and hurting.  This time, in the fancy pedicure massage chair, I thought back to my previous "massage", and I made sure to not lean all the way back.  Still the thing left me feeling worse than the sore back I had before the massage was making me feel.  I even tried to steer clear of the "beat" option, as that just plain sounded violent.  I cannot be the only one this happens to.  How can you do "getting a massage" wrong?!

So back to the topic at hand, socializing.  I was lucky enough to get out of my house today, and visit with the neighbor.  I skipped out the door, so excited to hang out with another adult.  My oldest son was more than happy to play with her children, and the baby got passed around and the chance to look at someone who wasn't his Momma.  When the baby had his fill of socializing, I brought him home for a nap and my other son stayed to play.  I got the rare opportunity to nap while the baby napped.  I was feeling so good after my little outing, though, that I used the quiet time to get some work done around the house.

I am such a better mother when I get a little time here and there to see other adults, have alone time, and take care of my own needs.  I don't always get to do these things, so it feels like such a treat for me.  When I get a little self time, then my batteries are recharged and I'm ready to go back to full-time Momma. 

Update: My 3 year old is still going strong when it comes to his new found table manners.  He has even turned down the volume quite considerably in other activities.  I guess he's figuring out the difference between his indoor and outdoor voice.  It's great to have a breakthrough!

And a huge thank you to my neighbors featured in this post.  Not only did I get to get out and socialize, get some quiet time, and know my kiddo was getting some fun play time in, the husband came over and took care of snow and ice removal for me so I didn't have to take the baby out in the frigid weather.  (Last week I took him out so I could shovel, and he had drooled so much I was shocked he didn't have icicles coming off his little chin!)  So thanks, guys!  We are so grateful.  :)

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