Thursday, January 27, 2011

That's Enough!

Enough with the snow!  I am writing this post from the comfort of my couch, complete with a heating pad on my back.  I have shoveled so much lately, and it's now killing my back.  I shoveled a bit with the baby strapped to me today, and that makes the back issues worse.  Oh if only I could safely type this from a nice hot bubble bath! 

We had a total of 3 neighbors help us this week with snow, plus my sister's boyfriend.  My list of people I owe cookies to keeps growing, and we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow!  This afternoon I shoveled what fell after the snow blower came through yesterday, and now the driveway is a sheet of ice!  Fabulous.  We thought about throwing down salt, but with that snow expected tomorrow, it seems like a waste.  I'm just glad I figured this out BEFORE I ordered Chinese tonight.  All I need is for a delivery person to slip and fall on my property.  It would be a HUGE waste of egg rolls, hunan chicken, and other deliciously ethnic foodstuffs.  Oh, and the possible lawsuit would also suck. 

We did get some time to play in the snow, too.  My 3 year old got his first sledding injury today.  He kept wandering into the path of the other kids, and he took a sled in the face.  So he has a cut on his chin now.  He burst into laughter on impact, so it couldn't have been too bad.  Anytime he gets injured, he instantly cries.  He's a brave little kiddo, but he still needs his Momma to kiss his boo boos sometimes. 

At one point, the baby had fallen asleep, and as my friend was telling me he was asleep I saw my older son sitting on a sled, head bobbing and eyes drooping.  I told her he was gonna fall asleep right there on the sled in the snow.  So she went to check on him, and he started nonsensical jabbering and stuttering.  Then he finally said "And I'm gonna get awake.  I'm waking up.  I'll wake up, and you can talk to me."  That leads me to believe he actually was asleep on that sled.  haha.  He passed out the second he hit the pillow tonight.  That's when you know it was a good day.

So, snow is fun for kids, and for those of us who get to play with the kids in the snow, but the adult responsibility associated with snow BLOWS.  I need a big break.  I'd love the opportunity to recover before any more fluffy white stuff lands upon us. 

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