Saturday, January 1, 2011

I should write this down, starting today!

2011 is here, and with it comes a few promises to myself, not unlike resolutions you've made to yourself for the new year.  I had to start off with the cliche "lose weight", but I've cleverly disguised it as "fit back into the pre-baby clothes" because that sounds less like work and more like shopping (even if it's in my own closet).  I got right on that today with a nice jog, and two impromptu "dance parties" with my 3 year old son.  Also, a salad for lunch and zero calorie drinks only were representin' for the cutting calories portion of my plan.  My other resolution was to start a blog, and hopefully to be able to keep up with it.  I always find myself saying "I should write this down."  "I should write a book." or "You can't make this stuff up!"  I just never acted on any of it.  Well here's my chance.  Hopefully the funny, crazy, exciting, unbelievable events that seem to happen to me on a regular basis will not find out about the blog and keep their distance.  On slow days I could always take the time to write down one of my older memories that prompted an "I should write a book!" outburst.  We'll see where this little experiment takes me.

To wrap up this very first post, I think it would be appropriate to comment on my jog associated with my first resolution for this year.  First of all, I never run.  I HATE running.  It is a very strict rule of mine that I do NOT run unless there is a gun or a fire behind me.  Jogging today was a direct violation of that rule, but as I mentioned earlier to friends, my post-baby body was violating my skinny jeans.  Something had to be done.  So off I went, and of course our cul de sac was full of kids on Christmas break.  They were cheering me on, and yelling how proud they were of me (ha!), and when I came back and they were still carrying on with this, I felt like Rocky running the stairs.  I made it, after months of... well not that kind of exercise, anyway.  I shy away from saying no exercise because I was riding my bike the day before I went into labor, so obviously I had kept up with physical activity.  But it felt good to have some alone time to myself to work on myself.  The truth was, I was proud of me.  Hopefully I won't let myself down, as resolutions are easy to break.  I owe it to myself, and to the closet full of beautiful clothes that I hope miss me as much as I miss them.

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