Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sister of invention

I am the proud owner of 1 sister, who is 5 years younger than me.  We have a lot of fun, sometimes at each other's expense, but it's always in the nicest way possible.  (Right, Chickenbutt?)  Like most siblings, we get stuck on something and once we get going it's very hard to stop.  This has become more interesting and fun since we've had facebook pages, and on occasion someone else jumps in on one of our threads and adds another dynamic to the insanity.  (Smoking planets, anyone?)  Making jokes out of nothing, inventing ridiculous things or words or phrases, and fooling ourselves into thinking we are professional critics of all things from fashion to music are all things I cherish.

Most recently, my sister and I invented the "Fuggie".  Well she invented it, and I named it.  She was at a party, and realized she had an idea to help all the women wearing fashionable heels, that are cute but cold in this weather.  She came up with a blanket that zips over the shoe, and up above the ankle.  There would be a hole for the heel and the ball of the shoe for traction, but any exposed toes, parts of the foot that are bare, and the ankle would be well snuggled in this foot blanket.  "You've heard of the Snuggie, now here's the Fuggie!"  We do acknowledge it would be tough to market with that name, so you could also call it the "Flanket"  (Foot blanket).  We also chose to ignore my Mom pointing out that they make these things called "boots" which also work nicely in cold weather.  Touche, Ma.

Happy Birthday, Sis!  I'm sure this time next year we'll be swimming in our millions thanks to the Fuggie!  =)

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