Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

A measurable amount of snow fell last night into this morning, for the first time of the season.  To my son and the neighborhood children this meant one thing - sledding!  To me it meant having to shovel our sidewalks, driveway, walkway and stoop.  My husband was away today, so I had to take care of it.  (There is some law around here about taking care of your snow in a timely fashion.)  I first called a neighbor, but she was at work so it was up to me to go it alone (without a babysitter!).  So, I did the only thing I could do, and strapped the baby into the front carrier and onto me.  I had him bundled up in many layers, and then I zipped him into my coat with me.  I bundled up my 3 year old, and out we went.  I shoveled about 75% of what I needed to clear with that 13 pound, wiggly meatloaf strapped to me.  The entire time I was shoveling, my preschooler was running around the circle we live in, eating snow, and trying to help me shovel.  I say trying because he only actually used his shovel when he was in the neighbors driveway. 

It was interesting to me, though, that my son kept asking me to make snow ice cream, and told me we could put sprinkles on it.  I had not mentioned this to him, but we did it last year when he was 2 years old.  He especially loved the sprinkles we put on it.  Sometimes it amazes me how good their memory is at such a young age. 

Lucky for the both of us, a mommy neighbor was outside and we made plans for her to bring her two kiddos over to sled in our backyard after her kiddos had nap time.  I did get the chance to take a few pictures, but I didn't want to take the baby outside again.  The poor thing was drooling like crazy the first time we were out, and I didn't know because he was facing away from me.  We're lucky he didn't have drool-cicles coming off his little baby chin!  So we stayed holed up inside while big brother played with the kids and their mom in our backyard.  They had a blast!  I wish I had gotten the chance to do it with them. 

When it was time to come in and warm up, I asked them to bring the sleds up on the deck.  My son promptly sat down on one of them and told his friend to pull him to the deck!  I don't know who this kid thinks he is.  haha  He made sure to tell Daddy all about the snow day he missed.  He also quickly passed out when I put him to bed.  That might very well be the best part of a snow day. 

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe.  If you get the chance, remember to play in the snow.  Why should we only get to shovel?!  At least make a snow angel.

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