Thursday, January 6, 2011

Miss(ed) Manners

We are living in a sick house!  My poor boys have a stomach bug, and I just got over it.  When speaking to a relative today, she admitted to me that another relative who came to visit us was sick with a stomach bug when she came to visit.  Exactly 3 days after she and her husband visited, the baby and I fell ill.  It takes about 2-3 days for bugs to incubate until you exhibit symptoms when it comes to stomach bugs and common colds and such, so I know the informant was correct in telling me who the culprit was.  So, this situation has inspired me to dedicate my blog entry of the day to a very important public service announcement:

Do NOT visit families with infants, very small children, or elderly persons living with them if you are ill.  It is rude, plain and simple.  It's really rude to take your germs to any social outing, but if you can't help yourself, at least stay away from those who can't help themselves when sick, don't understand being sick, and are in more danger when they become ill than healthy adults.

The sick person in our current situation even held the baby (though she told my informant that she did not when it was pointed out that she shouldn't have come to see us at that time if she was sick.)  I try to keep myself and my children away from other people when we're ill, and I expect others to have the same courtesy.  I didn't even receive a warning in this case.

I have noticed, over the past few years, that people seem to drag their sick kids everywhere.  This time last year there was a poor child laying on the floor of a "moon bounce".  He was pale, sweating, snot running down his face, coughing, and asleep in his father's lap.  This was at a Bounce U birthday party.  Clearly the child could not even participate.  His parents did not just drag him there, they also put him on the equipment extremely ill and unable to even sit up let alone bounce around.  I don't even think I need to mention the germ to child ratio at any preschool or play group on any given day.  I know many repeat offenders who will bring their kids to play dates with all sorts of green stuff pouring out from various places on their little faces.

My oldest son (3 years old) is prone to croup, and has had croup turn into pneumonia in the past.  Maybe this makes me more touchy about this subject, or maybe it's the experiences I've had as a nurse.  You take a baby in to an ER with a high fever, and the tests they put them through are just torture.  I'd like to avoid that.

So please, keep your bugs to yourself!  What a strange thing to write a blog about, I know.  It's like, how do people not know this already?  But apparently they don't because it happens so much!  When my little boy looks at me and says "Mommy, there's a headache in my tummy.", and then proceeds to throw up all over my stairs, it inspires me to remind people to mind their manners and stay away when ill.  (Oh how I want to send them a carpet cleaning bill.  It doesn't take away how bad my little guy feels, but perhaps it would leave a lasting impression with them and always remind them to stay home when sick!)

So here's hoping the boys get better right away.  The poor baby had just started sleeping through the night, and as soon as he got sick that all changed.  So hopefully we can get back to normal around here soon, and the boys can both get good sleep and feel like their cheerful selves again.

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