Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Snow Way To Get Home!

We knew some snow was coming.  It started out with 2-5 inches possible, or the storm could possibly miss us.  Then it was a winter mix in the morning, with up to 5 inches overnight.  Then quickly the numbers started to change.  When we woke up snow was on the ground, and quickly piling up.  We had a very short period of sleet (some folks had thundersleet!  They were calling for thundersnow here.).  Then the snow picked back up, and was relentless.  All the while this was going on, my husband was an hour and a half away for a meeting.  We checked in the morning to see if it would be postponed, because by that time we knew the roads would be bad and only getting worse.  The meeting was still going on, and so he went.

I bundled up my 3 year old, and watched him play in the snow with his friends, who had off school.  The baby and I hung out at the door, and the baby giggled at the kids outside.  When the baby went down for a nap, I went out and shoveled to reduce the amount we'd have to shovel later.  I also thought it would be nice for my husband to have a place to park when he got home.  WISHFUL THINKING!

My son and I came back in, each with bright red cheeks, and cold fingers.  I hoped my husband was already on his way home.  He was!  That was around 3PM.

At 6PM I got a call from my husband, he was STILL in a different state.  He didn't think he'd be home by 8.  He was pretty much in a stand still in traffic.  Finally some farmers arrived with their tractors and started digging people out of the HIGHWAY!  What up VA?!  Can't take care of your roads?!  So we were trying to find a different way for him that was more clear and moving along a little faster.  Nope. 

Around 9PM I heard a neighbor with a snow blower out front.  He was clearing our driveway and walkway, which had at least another 8 inches now on top of it, and I threw open the front door to thank him.  This immediately set off the house alarm I had already set.  So now I had to shut that off, and by the time I got back to the door the neighbor was away from the door.  So I had to call another neighbor to see if she knew who it was so I could properly thank them.  I knew her husband sometimes did it.  (He did it last week, and I owe him cookies for that!)  Now my list of people I owe cookies to is growing!  I am so thankful, and half an hour later, my husband had a place to park in the driveway!  Thank goodness for great neighbors.

So it took 6 1/2 hours for him to get home from an hour and a half away.  Insane.  He didn't even get to enjoy the wild thundersnow or thundersleet.  His hair was all matted down from helping people push their cars when they got stuck, and his dress shoes are not in great shape either. 

I asked him why they still held the meeting.  It wasn't a guessing game, we KNEW we were getting  a boatload of snow and we KNEW sleet would be involved too, adding ice to the mix.  At least tell the people who don't live close to stay home.  It's so not worth the risk! 

I hope everyone is home and safe and sound, and no one else is stuck in this nasty weather out on the street somewhere.  Let this serve as a reminder to put some supplies in your car in case you do get stuck in bad weather.  Things to keep you warm, hydrated, and something like granola bars for energy.  A flashlight, plastic bag, and paper towels are also handy to have.  You never know what you might need.  Maybe a paperclip and a match in case you need to be MacGyver.  It could happen!

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