Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm not really a hippie (in case that wasn't totally obvious by now).  Hippie-chic came about when I was trying to explain how one of my best girlfriends and I live our lives in rather conservative surroundings, and I pulled out the term "hippie-chic".  The hippie half refers to my liberal views, respect for fellow human beings and the Earth, a real "love one another" attitude.  Throw in the occasional action that falls outside the envelope (Like when I had my son and brought his placenta home to bury it in the backyard.  Perhaps that's a smidge "hippie" of me.), and that makes up the hippie half of the phrase.  The chic (not chick) part is there because I'm not so much a flower child, but a modern woman who loves modern convenience, shoes, shopping, lives in a conservative neighborhood where all the houses are rather similar to one another, and put blood sweat and tears into becoming a registered nurse & believes in the fine art of modern medicine.  I also have strict guidelines for personal grooming (I own a razor). 

I figured I'd explain that a bit in case you found yourself here in search of flower power stories, and have been seriously disappointed.  The posts here will be a mash up of all life has to offer, well my life anyway.  You can expect some to be political in nature, there will be a lot here for other mothers of young children, and there will be a lot about my interactions with the people around me.  I love observing people, and trying to figure out what makes people think or act the way they do.  Also, there are several real characters in my life who always keep it interesting (whether that is a good interesting or a bad interesting depends on the day!)

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  Sometimes I feel like I live in a fairy tale, but remember, even fairy tales have their share of villains.  My story is no different.

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