Friday, January 14, 2011


Let's get some things straight:

- Your zodiac is not changing.  You can stop freaking out now.  It was a slow news day, and someone dug up some old info about the two different zodiac systems and passed it off as news.  Next!

- You're right, you did not cause the violence in Arizona, Mrs. Palin.  The point is, these things do happen, so we try not to put crosshairs over things we don't actually plan on shooting up because it's not a joke.  Ask any of the victim's families how clever or funny or interesting your little map was.  Insinuating violence to solve problems is just inappropriate.  Yes, you have freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean you should say everything that pops into your little mind. 

- When I subscribe to the NYTs weekender, I expect a paper on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  After all, that is what the bill is asking me (or my sister, it was a gift) to pay for.  Let's see if all 3 can be delivered this weekend.

- To the dude on Bill Maher who was arguing against tougher gun laws by saying "If someone drives a Chrysler into a crowed of people to kill them, we're not going to outlaw Chryslers.":  I have one small problem with that.  Cars are used for many things, and their primary use is transportation.  A gun's primary use is killing things.  It can only be used to shoot things.  Try again.

- Apparently, my husband was just informed, that there are tons of technology jobs in Alabama.  They pay well, and they are great jobs.  The catch?  You have to live in Alabama.

-I want my dryer to send a signal to a little pager I wear that it is finished drying my clothes.  The pager will be like one of those things they use at restaurants that light up and vibrate when your table is ready.  That way, when I have finally gotten the baby to go down for a nap, I can silently be alerted to the end of the dryer cycle, rather than the loud buzzer going off and waking the baby.  The other option of turning off the buzzer tends to create wrinkled laundry, as I forget it's in the dryer.  So, let's get on the pager thing.

-Pandora, I love you.  I could not live without you.  BUT what is it about me that says "Pussycat Dolls" to you?  Could we work on this?  I'm open to counseling. 

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