Monday, January 24, 2011

Laughter is the best...

There is always something going on in our house to make us laugh.  I have noticed, over the past few years, how my husband and I have these little jokes that we string along through our life together.  They keep us laughing, and we always have the challenge of keeping them fresh, fun, and working them into our everyday conversation.  It does keep things from getting boring.  Sometimes I notice a new little joke has sprung up as it keeps reappearing in conversation.  I think this is possibly a secret to a long relationship.  We've been together for nearly 11 years now, so I'm thinking there is something to this theory.

I couldn't be happy with someone who didn't make me laugh.  My husband, and now both of my sons, make me laugh so hard that my sides feel like they will split.  My children both learned very early on that there is value to getting people to laugh.  My 16 week old son discovered that he can make people laugh by blowing raspberries.  He now does it to get attention, and he will laugh at whoever is laughing at him so eventually everyone in the room is laughing to the point of him squealing with delight.  So, if a baby realizes this is a valuable tool, then you know it must be true! 

Our jokes come from everything, from conversations, things we see that are absurd, from our kids, anything.  We see humor in so much, and that helps combat sadness, anger, or anything else that can get you down.  Laughter really is the best medicine, or the best glue that binds a couple together. 

Our separate senses of humor have merged into a shared sense of humor.  We can just look at each other in a crowd, and know exactly what the other one is smiling at.  Then the second we get in our car we are hysterically laughing at whatever it was we had mutually seen and flagged as "must laugh at with spouse as soon as we get somewhere private". 

I know this is common in relationships, and I'm not telling anyone anything new.  But I just really appreciate this trait in our relationship, and today we had several of those inside joke moments.  I know it is easy to complain about something that upsets you in your relationship here and there, and to vent to your friends about how someone didn't close the milk properly.  However, I like to remember to appreciate the things we love about the special people in our lives, and to point those things out, too.  It's easy for things to turn sour when you only point out when things go wrong.  So, my advice is to remember to point out when things go right, or the little things that you love or appreciate in one another. 

So today, I appreciate how my husband makes me laugh.  He is very good at knowing the exact thing that I need to hear to make me smile or laugh when I need it the most.  Thanks for the giggles, Yogurt Boy.

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